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An Intro to Art Therapy: How Can You Use Art to Reduce Stress?

What better way to introduce art therapy than to share my own pieces? 🎨


Art as good medicine:

• Did you know that the ability to create art remains after a person is no longer able to speak? 🗣️

• Did you know that creating visual art can reduce stress and induce relaxation? 🧠

• A study conducted at the Mayo Clinic revealed that adults over the age of 70 who participated in art projects had a lower risk of mild cognitive impairment in comparison to adults who read books. 📚

My personal experience with art therapy:

Painting 1️⃣: Where it all began. When I look at this photo I can see the anxiety, the anger, the chaos. I was experiencing so many emotions with no clear path on how to solve them. I was in the midst of focusing on bettering my brain and my life.

Painting 2️⃣: This was about a month after my first painting. Though it is less chaotic, there was still a lot of sadness and confusion. However, my thoughts and feelings were more cohesive.

Painting 3️⃣: My painting results after three months. 🤗 I was blown away with the colors I chose and how the entire piece flows well together. I felt free of things that were holding me back and I had learned to use art as an outlet for my emotions.

My take? I say sculpt, draw, paint - simply get creative and keep your mind learning! Since this experience I have tried to incorporate art and creativity back into my life. Any time I give myself time to be creative, I can directly see the positive impacts on my stress and overall well-being.

What is your favorite art media? 🎨



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